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Get more out of life through a relationship you can rely on, advice you can access, and a plan that gives you confidence. In pursuit of your objectives, we follow four key investment principles.

Use the appropriate asset classes

We rely on time-tested academic research to build a portfolio that will help pursue your goals. The right mix of correlated assets means we mitigate risk and seek to maximize returns.

Proactive oversight

Studies show the majority of outperformance comes from asset class selection. We leverage the insight of institutional research to make proactive tactical adjustments with the goal of outperforming benchmarks.

Emphasize tax efficiency

We emphasize low turnover investments to reduce capital gains taxes and keep more of your money working for you.

Keep costs low

Studies show low cost investments have tended to outperform their higher cost counterparts.

Retirement Income Planning

We evaluate all your investment, real estate and business assets and seek to maximize retirement income and keep taxes low. Above all, we emphasize the importance of preserving your income so it lasts your lifetime.

Our process includes:

  1. Helping you determine the income necessary to live your retirement lifestyle
  2. Striving to create a reliable monthly income stream you won’t outlive
  3. Aligning all income sources toward your goals
  4. Ongoing oversight to keep taxes and investment costs low
  5. Confidence in your financial outlook

We use illustrative software to provide confidence and clarity for your income plan.

Social Security Optimization

We consider the following variables to determine the appropriate time to take Social Security:

This chart is for illustrative purposes only.
This chart is for illustrative purposes only.

Tax Planning

Keeping more of what you earn is key. Our tax planning includes:

  • Tax efficient investments that limit capital gains, favor qualified dividends and produce tax deferred income.
  • Coordinating the timing of retirement income sources to reduce tax impact
  • Estate tax mitigation
  • Annual Roth Conversion strategies and/or Roth IRA “backdoor” contributions
  • Integrating real estate tax treatment into your overall plan
  • Helping to manage charitable gifting strategies

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